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The ideal classroom is a positive place where a student can come to work toward specific goals set before them in the class objectives.The teacher is to be positive.

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Expert teachers are aware of what they are doing; they monitor and adjust their teaching behaviours to bring out the best in their students.

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Small group learning allows students to develop problem solving, interpersonal, presentational and communication skills, all beneficial to life outside the classroom.

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Our immigration consultancy team strives to ease the process of immigrating to various countries by providing each of our clients with step by step guidance. We will help our clients throughout their case until the final decision is made by the immigration visa officers. We ensure that our clients have the highest potential of meeting their goals by providing customized necessary information and guidance they need on immigration.

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Colleges are the most important education center for all of us, our career path depends on the colleges in which we take admission. Education gives us enlightenment and at the same time no education is a waste it teaches you something or the other. PAUL INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL COLLEGE (PIEC) is an independent Institute whose mission is to improve the practice of continuous learning, collaboration, and change in the education sector. Mr. Ramandeep Singh Established PAUL INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL COLLEGE (PIEC) , It conducts Nanny Training and more courses, facilitates innovation that improves knowledge sharing in education. Since its inception, the PIEC institute has not only grown up in its infrastructure but has also developed a lot in terms of academics. We look forward to welcoming you to this academic community here at PIEC.

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Paul Nanny aims to provide quality driven services to customers interested in immigrating, travel or visiting anywhere in the world.

We recognised that each individual case is different and we are not contented with coming up with application of a standard solution. We are here to provide you with assistance specific to each immigration query. Our consultants are able to provide advice with different aspects of immigration processes and a comprehensive assessment of individual case and its viability.

Paul Nanny envisions to create innovative, quality-driven organization which is reliable, affordable and assists in building a better & secure career & lifestyle for the people hoping to locate abroad.

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Nannies & Babysitters

At Nanny Services, we can help you find live in nannies, full time nannies, part time nannies and babysitters. We understand how difficult it can be to recruit the right nanny for your children, so we’ve made every effort to make the process easy, fast and efficient. Registering is simple and intuitive, and our database is among the most comprehensive in the country.

Elderly Caregivers & Companions

Finding the right caregiver for your loved one is simple and easy with Nanny Services. Join now to search for all levels of care. Our comprehensive database includes Home or Personal Support Workers who offer help with shopping, preparing meals and cleaning, Health Care Aides who supplement that help with some medical knowledge, and Registered Nurses who have formal nursing qualifications for the most comprehensive care.

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Interested in finding out more? Chat with one of our experienced, friendly Training Consultants who can answer all your questions and help you find the course

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