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Nursing Visa

As a foreign nurse, you will need a sponsor as per H-1B visa requirements, and in the majority of cases, a hospital will usually be your sponsor. It is relatively easy to look for hospitals that sponsor H-1B visas for nurses because they would actively advertise visa sponsorship in their job ads.

Without a doubt, H-1B is the visa for nurses in the U.S., that is for foreign-trained nurses. The USCIS has issued specific requirements for nurses who seek to enter the United States on an H-1B visa. The H-1B petition will only be granted if the position is classified as a “specialty occupation.” This visa classification is highly sought after by nurses because it grants medical professionals temporary employment in the United States for three to six years.

A “specialty occupation” is defined as a “theoretical and practical application of the body of highly specialized knowledge.” Nurses are required to have a bachelor’s degree or beyond in the indicated occupation. If the occupation requires a certification or a license, the license/certification must be presented with the petition for a chance at acceptance.

Though a nursing position seems to be a qualifying match for an H-1B visa, a general RN or LPN position does not qualify as a valid position in need of an H-1B for nurses. However, if a state requires at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing to obtain a nursing license, an RN position in that state would generally be considered a specialty occupation.

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